I know that so many ponder what life is truly about and trying to define it in their own words and thoughts. I find life can be simple if you subtract all the negative things that happened daily and add the positive things that change everything. There is always a lesson to be learned, a ” t” that needs to be crossed and an “i” that gets dotted whenever we can remember to do so! My grandmother always as something wise to tell me and it always stays with for long periods of time and comes up especially when I need it the most. The past couple of years have been interesting and also life-changing because it has made me into a much stronger person and having the ability to have more patience with people. Before I was like ” yep sounds like a YOU problem and not a ME problem” or ” you let me know how that turns out.” It wasn’t that I didn’t care or anything but people need to realize when you get yourself into a situation, only you can bring yourself out of it. I think sometimes people get themselves into situations and not having an “exit sign” out. If some people realize and use common sense ( yes I know these days common sense is a damn superpower!) then things will be a little easier and you will be a lot happier about some of the decisions that are made.

Here are some quotes that I thought of:

” If people were more conscious with their thinking and feeling then there wouldn’t be so much internal conflict…consistency is key!”

” Make your own renovations within before seeking out another bodily space to occupy.”

” There is a difference between walking the path and standing on the side viewing the path.”



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