“Those that love the hardest, accepts all the flaws, compromises to seek happiness and endure so much experience the worst pain.” -SH

Recent events have forced me to look at things at a wider perspective and to evaluate myself on the outside looking in. I find when I love and care about someone I accept all their flaws because I know they are not perfect and I can see they are striving to become a better person. I have always strived to do the right thing for that person etc. and see if they would do the right thing in return. At times I find that I am too nice, too accepting, too understanding and too accomdating. I never really took the time to consider if the person was accepting and accomdating to my needs. At some time and point we have all done with good intentions simply because we know our own worth. I can only speak from a woman’s perspective and how I view things through my eyes! I am the type of woman that isn’t afraid to talk about feelings and express myself especially If I love aand/or care about someone. I am always hopefully that the other person is receptive and is able to communicate with me. I am capable of expression in a verbal and non-verbal whereas some can only do one or the other. I completely understand that everyone is at different levels and will eventually arrive at that point. I know for certain there is a difference between loving someone and and caring about someone. Sadly, I feel like it has gotten to that point where I feel like I am ready to give up completely.

It’s easier when the other person has the ability to share but rather difficult if they cannot or simply do not want to. My theory is in order to get to a certain level with your feelings you must first acknowledge them and then accept them for what they are and not be in total denial. I have tried several times to express feelings but something always stops me like ” well maybe today will be the day everything will come to the surface” or ” that person is just not really ready.” There is this whole idea of wanting to have that special person love you but whatif that person never comes or you feel like you have wasted your time. I think the worst possible thing a person can actually do is waste another person’s time because they cannot get that back. Well, I hate ti say it but that’s how I feel and I’m getting sick and tired of not feeling the love in return. I feel like I give so much and I’m not getting anything back in return..WTF is up with that??

A couple of websites I have come across when it came to this subject and the difference between the two stated: loving someone is when you give your whole self to that person in desire to be one with that person; a emotional response; you would do anything possible to make sure that they are happy; a deeper emotional connection whereas caring about someone is more about friendship and lacks the intimacy; a short-term committment; it is more voluntary. I am no way any type of expert let me make that perfectly clear! The other point that comes to mind is when people say ” I do not chase”. I look at this way: if two adults are very interested in each other and working towards a goal the idea of chasing shouldn’t come to mind. I see chasing as more as an activity; a thing to do when your chasing after a pet; something to do when you get bored with the mundane life. Personally, I am not looking to be chased what I am looking is someone that is willing to meet me halfway. I think that worst thing is not being loved back the way you should be to me is the ultimate stab in the heart. To give so much of yourself and receiving nothing in return is awful and heart-breaking.



2 thoughts on “Difference between Loving someone vs Caring about someone

  1. I liked this post. It’s honest and real. I think a lot of people feel like this but like you said but something always stops me like ” well maybe today will be the day everything will come to the surface” or ” that person is just not really ready.”

    Sometimes I think the opposite of decisions is excuses.

    • You have an excellent point about the decisions is an excuse because maybe they think by delaying the process with an excuse that they eventually will have an answer.

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