Ok so in this age of technology and everything is available at the touch or should I say swipe of a finger across our smartphones. Texting has always been interesting however a good ole pick-up-the-phone still works wonders for me. I think there is nothing that can substitute hearing a family member’s voice or the one you love. Texting to me is good for a quick question, finding out where someone is etc. What really grinds my gears ( yea I pulled a Peter Griffin!) is when you text someone and 2 things either happen: 1) for some odd reason the text never goes through because of service issues or 2) the person takes all day to answer back. Is there such thing as texting courtesy? I think a person should have enough sense ( not common sense because some are discovering that common sense is really a superpower now!) Now depending on the situation…if it is an emergency just pick up the phone and call if not some need to have the decency to text back immediately and not leave a person hanging. The of the images that pop in my head when a person doesn’t text back right away is like a long pause in the middle of a good movie, waiting in line to get the new pair of Jordan’s or sitting in a classroom setting waiting for the final bell to ring to go home! I mean really?!? It’s not that deep it’s very simple and easy. I don’t know why some people live or die ( figuratively speaking) if their boo or family member does not answer back.

Another thing is when someone does not answer back immediately, those of us with pretty active imaginations come up with the most ridiculous scenarios that would break the count on Youtube and also the number of medically induced anxieties and bullshit kicks in full force! The ideas are soooo random and quick that the person does not have the ability to think logically of ” ummm maybe they are busy? maybe they can’t get to their phone right now?” Before you go into some kind of frenzy think carefully and chose your words wisely because what comes up comes out in a text….and that’s what really grinds my gears! texting_1455781c


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