Something that I wrote a long time ago…just my thoughts!
To define happiness is to give it one meaning but there is no one simple definition of it. There are numerous meanings to the term happiness. Every individual as a different meaning and understanding of happiness. Happiness comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms including different levels. It can not be measured by the means of the metric system, it can only be measured by the feelings and emotions experienced by the individual. If the human mind does not experience happiness then what does the body look forward to? Happiness is first experienced in the brain which transfers it to your memory and then flows to the other dimensions that make up the human body. The other levels associated with happiness are the spirit, the mind and your health and well-being. These are the simple components that are built within me.

Since happiness begins in the brain it is more than appropriate to start there. The brain is made up of many components but the part that is associated with happiness is the hypothalamus. According to Santrock (2003), “The hypothalamus is involved in the regulation of the emotional state…” (p.57). Begin how the hypothalamus plays that role it can be assumed that happiness is associated with pleasure. Is it true that if you are happy, you get a sense of pleasure out of it? In my childhood I can recall seeing videos, pictures and playing with my Rainbow Bright doll. Rainbow bright made me happy and kept me laughing all the time. Till this day I still sing the songs from the videos and I even brought myself a snow globe of her. I get a sense of pleasure knowing that I can relate Rainbow Bright with happiness. She is a great reminder of what my childhood was like and that makes me happy. Moreover, memory is another factor that plays into happiness. “Deep-processing and elaboration enable me to make attachments to something that is meaningful and create distinctiveness” ( Santock, 2003). This attachment is my doll and the distinctiveness is that it made me happy when I was a child.

Spiritual and mental happiness are the components that deal with the mind and spirit. Both spiritual and mental happiness are involved in meditation. Meditation is the universal method of cleansing the spiritual and mental aspects of the human thought. However, mental happiness focuses on the mind and bringing forth peace. Focusing every collective thought of happiness and bringing it to a level that exceeds all your expectations. Many individuals have used the phrase “I never thought I could be this happy” when referring to a certain subject or event. With my religion playing a major role in my spiritual and mental happiness, I am happy to have a close relationship with God especially when I am praying. Praying allows me to ease my thoughts and focus my spirit on God.

Happiness is also based on the dimensions of health and well-being. Well-being can be divided into two sections: emotional well-being and physical well-being. These two contributing factors are another aspect of happiness. The emotional and physical factors are apart of my happiness foundation. “Happy individuals are more likely to engage in health-promoting behaviors and have more confidence that there behaviors would relieve their physical illness than sad individuals” (Santock, 2003)… “Individuals who experienced more positive emotions (such as happiness) used broader coping strategies” (Santock, 2003). I remember a time I was not happy in the emotional and physical aspects; my health and well-being were in a critical stage. I have always been a heavy individual and a statistical number. Being heavy does not meant hat you’re a healthy person. I became emotionally sick because certain individuals would do and say things to hurt me all the time due to the fact that I was heavy. Furthermore, being heavy hurts you physically and can stop you from doing normal things. A problem with certain bodily functions, achy joints and soon gravity begins to take over. Putting myself on a diet that I created has changed my emotional as well as my physical happiness for the better. The reason for me doing this is because I did not want to be considered a statistical number anymore.

Happiness can be anything your heart desires and it comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. It is what ever you want it to be and nobody can tell you that you are wrong. To experience happiness whether it is on the spiritual and mental aspects or on the meaning of health and well-being. Happiness is based on one thing: being happy. This simple phrase says it all: No one can make you happy, it’s an inside job.


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