To love someone like you love yourself seems to be a simple feat but why at times is it hard to? Just like it takes time to love yourself it also takes time to love someone else. Every individual’s idea of love or how love should be is different. Maybe it stems back to the time when you are a child and your parents show and teach you how to love by being affectionate, caring and understanding. Maybe it is a crucial time where showing how to love becomes a vital part of survival. Being a child to a pre-teen the idea of love shifts to materialistic items. I have heard things such as “if you love me you would buy me this or that”; “if you love me then you would do this for me”; “if you love me you wouldn’t act/say”. Hearing that from a pre-teen in my opinion tells me that they do not fully understand the word love and how important its connotation is. They see it as a way to obtain items and it is as simple as that. However, going from a pre-teen to an actually teenager, love is more formally introduced because feelings and emotions are being discovered and explored.

Not only is a teenager discovering things about themselves but also why love can be easy and difficult at the same time. Teenagers are then introduced to “puppy love” only because they are young. They start to shift through there feelings for the opposite sex and find out why they love that person. There are numerous reasons such as being able to talk about there true feelings about situations and life; having there differences that are attractive; or even experience similar traumas. What ever the case may be they learn to love that person regardless of what other individuals say, act or feel. They only understand what they are feeling and how the other individual is important to them and how “he/she understands”. Being a teenager, they learn how to handle different types of love whether it is from family or friends.

They can decipher to the best of there ability how love is suppose to feel and when it is not love at all. Unfortunately, some learn how love can really hurt or more so damage an individual mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. Some vow never to love again but I strongly believe that is not possible. I see love as always evolving with our knowledge and understanding of it. Its not that love did something to use but we have to make changes in order for love to dwell in and around us. As we get older our knowledge of love and how it works changes constantly. You can go from not knowing love in its full capacity to understanding it entirely and embracing it.

I believe that no one can escape love no matter how much pain and suffering they have been through. It is at the center of what makes us human and brings out the best in people. You cannot destroy love no matter how much you want to get rid of it. Moreover, you can attach the idea of love to materialistic items which can be destroyed but the actual concept of love can not. I also believe love will make you do some wonderful and extraordinary things as well as make you do things that you will regret and you never live down. Love has its good and bad just like that of ying and yang. The one interesting thing about love is that it allows you to experience deep feelings for another individual and teaches you to be unselfish, to be humble, sensitive, understanding, and to trust. Love hits the very core of the human soul and spirit and opens individuals up to even more better things in life.

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