Bottled insecurities of things unsure,
Knowing the cost of the enduring heartache,
And everything feeling so impure.
Scared to death of the unknown,
Unprepared like a broken cartilage bone.
Acceptance of this current situation,
Steadily looking for a pattern of correlation,
That will end all this constant speculation.
Creation of strength and determination,
Is born to assist in this worldly formation.
Re-evaluate this seemingly interesting fascination,
The parts fitting like a puzzle,
Only waiting for everything to be discovered,
The end result is a complete application,
With a adorning coronation.
Introduced  to so many new things ,
And the new experience it truly brings.
Feelings so bountiful and anew,
Can’t believe this is really coming true,
So much has been so subdued,
Never thought I would see it all the way through.
Intimidated from the very beginning,
My whole world was continuously spinning,
In the end I knew I was winning.
Cried out on numerous occasions,
Like those pitiful math equations,
Leaving their mark like rough abrasions.
Encouragement I had along the way,
Where I stand and live to fight another day.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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