Recollection of the special times spent,
Know exactly how much it truly meant.
Seeking the answers to it all,
You arrived like a question,
I was thoroughly enthralled.
My challenge, my test…
Damn near gave you all my best.
I thought I knew every part of you,
But you simply just blew.
Pre-mature and extraordinary you were,
My expedited fantasy actually.
A world-wind…
A typhoon…
You were my favorite animated cartoon.
Now it sadly seems,
Thought you were the person of my dreams.
Glimpses and timely shadows in my mind you have become,
You weigh more like a metric ton,
Surely it is no fun.
No longer one plus one,
A single prime factor,
Like an audition of a bad actor.
I smile in complete disbelief,
You are now just a rotten piece of beef.
Stomach curling at the thought,
Like a missed basketball shot.
Mm mm refusing to be totally consumed by unspeakable things,
Even though it still really stings.
A distance memory you are,
I chose to leave you like a empty cookie jar.
Say what you want I won’t listen,
You will never be apart of my division.
Ultimately it was my decision,
To leave were you stand in that terrible collision.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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