Utterly and totally unthinkable…
The most unimaginable your character has become,
Um mm how could you be so dumb?
Shaking my head in pure disbelief,
Thinking you tried to play me so cheap.
You unintelligent f****** creep!
The utmost burn that I feel inside,
You will never ever win this precious prize.
So smart and witty you portrayed to be,
I think the prison is missing… you’re an escapee!
The lies you told so many to number,
Didn’t’t you ever think this would turn out to be a blunder?
A pure fake and definitely snake,
Like a prepubescent earthquake.
I see you for what you are,
Wishing it was never true,
Who have you turn into?
Your time is severally overdue,
Like an old faded tattoo.
You’re a liar, a cheat and a piece of wasted meat.
Why in the hell did we ever meet?
I smile at the fact that it was good while it lasted,
I think again I completely misunderstood,
I must have been downright blasted.
How could you bring yourself to do what you did?
Did you think you were dealing with a little kid?
A liar you will remain until your time is through,
You have certainly giving me a whole different view.
I hope you can live with the fact that you are definitely a liar,
You have sung your last song like a church choir.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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