body cuddling

You been running through my mind all day,
Lingering  trying not to stay.
Anticipation for the evening to come,
So I can be completely undone.
I smirk at the mere thought of you,
Curiosity if what you’re going to do.
Sliding between silky sheets of pure satisfaction,
Knowing what’s about to take place,
Feening for all your decadent action.
In my dream so real,
You wait for me in all your sex appeal.
Feeling the sheets move as you slide in,
Taking in your scent leaving traces on my skin,
The heat that you possess is so extreme,
It makes me what to scream and quickly cream.
So strange to feel this way,
When you haven’t touched me all day.
The idea of your touch makes me want you so much.
Your lips so warm and full,
I feel it on my shoulder and I start to pull…
Myself closer to you…
Your lips tease my spine like a tensed power line.
I feed off your presence,
It makes the feeling even more pleasant.
Your hands so big and strong,
You tease me like the bass all day long,
Creating your masterpiece your favorite song.
Simply cannot fight it and I don’t wish to deny it,
You’re going to make my alter ego come through,
And she won’t stop until she gets you.
Concentrating on the feelings that are coming,
That moment when everything is so numbing.
I feel your body pressed against mine,
Our legs lovingly intertwine,
You whisper so sweetly and kind,
“This is absolutely divine.”
I breathe you in deeply again,
You smell like expensive champagne.
We are completely drunk off each other,
I simply will not have another.
Sweat begins to form like a steady rain storm.
Aching to be soaked in your love,
You’re my dream sent from heaven above.
Pure relaxation is written all over your face,
Your manly features display such a lustful grace.
You found my precious hiding place.
I see you smile through the darkness of night,
You let me bring out your inner light..
Hours and hours are spent exploring,
My emotions are continuously pouring,
Yet we continue soaring.
My heart you had from the beginning,
I cannot stop my girlish grinning.
You stop, I freeze…
I hope this isn’t the end please?
You drift back from where you once came,
I don’t want to have to play the waiting game.
Your return us uncertain,
I guess this is the final curtain.
You pull the sheets over my spent body,
Your kisses ease my mind to no end,
I am still trying to comprehend as I slowly begin to descend.
I softly state “Please wait for me…”
You look back and respond…
“I will…until eternity.”

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


2 thoughts on “Dream Lover

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    • I enjoyed reading your poem and I kind of felt like it was a continuation of mine. It definitely struck a cord with me…very interesting!

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