Have you ever thought about writing a letter to your soul mate if you knew or had a feeling that special person was just about to make their presence known? Some people believe in the idea of soul mates and some do not. I think it is a beautiful thought because it gives you something to ponder and to look forward too. It shows just how hopeful people are and how they open themselves up to other possibilities. The only limits that exist are the ones that you put on yourself. Stay open and ready to receive what may be a blessing coming to you. Be encouraged, dream and be hopeful in everything.

A Letter to My Soul Mate

Dear Soul mate,
You know I have been looking and waiting for you for quite some time now and wasn’t sure if you were ever going to show your face. Interesting enough that I have dreamt about you but never of you; have I really wondered why that is. You are exactly how I imagined you would be but you’re even more than that and I am strangely surprised by that. I smile every time at the mere thought of you and then I get sad when that moment has passed. For a minute, I really didn’t think you existed because there has been many but none could come close. There were times when I could have settled but something within wouldn’t let me. That small still voice would say “just wait a little longer”; “I have someone special for you”; “No, he is not the one”; and my favorite “he is not ready for what you have to offer.” To be completely honest, I was almost ready to give up and would settle for being alone and single for the rest of my life.

I have come to know what love is as well as the heartache. I have endured heartache so many times that I have lost count and was going to give up on love all together. I would think that love would just take a look at me and go in the opposite direction.I have longed for someone like you and even though you are not perfect that is fine because you are perfect for me. I am happy that you have finally made yourself known because so much is going to change and for once I am not scared of that change. I am happy now but I know as time goes on I am going to be happier. You know it’s funny I have talked to several people about soul mates and some either believe or do not. Some even used the term “equally yoked”. I heard someone describe it as “two milk cartons in the same aisle.” I thought that was a very interesting analogy and that is something that has stayed with me for months. To be more politically correct, it means sharing the same set of beliefs and values. I figured you would like the correct definition of it anyway (hahaha!!) Interesting don’t you think?

I am so glad that now you are here we can grow together and become better people. Yes this is corny but I can’t help it because this is how I feel. I can now fully let down my guard and let someone that is worth in. Funny thing is, there is this saying I have “I am never the one to show all my cards.”Pretty clever uh? I feel like I can show you my cards because you may have the same or similar cards right? A spade is just a spade right? I can almost bet you that your cards are just as fantastic as mine. Wouldn’t you agree whole-heartedly? The only simple request that I have is that you always be honest and communicate with me. If we fail to do just that then we fail each other. You have my back and I have yours. When one goes up we both go up. I won’t quit and you don’t quit ok? I feel as soul mate we should always strive to encourage and inspire each other; to help fulfill each other’s dreams and work towards a common goal. I just want you to know that I am happy we found each other.

A lover of the soul

2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Soul Mate

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    • You know reading your Depression that you wrote really touched me. I am so sorry that you had to experience that and I know you get tried of hearing this too shall pass and all the other stuff. I have felt heart broken more than once and it was when I was a pre-teen and when I was in my early 20’s. The only advice I could give you is to keep pressing on and it will get better over time. I know that sounds super lame as hell but if you keep pressing on you know that you are still alive and that your going to get through it. I used soul mate so loosely in my letter but think of it this way. We all have more than one soul mate in different capacities so focus on that. It is wonderful that your son is able to tell when mommy isnt feeling a 100%. You can gather strength just from that and try to push through. I have all the confidence in you that things will definitely get better and friends can help with just about everything. Just know I am rooting for you and if you ever need to chit chat or just kick the breeze or want to say hi…I am here and take care of you 🙂

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