Seeing with new eyes and feelings,
This transformation has brought on new meanings.
So many similarities bring new forms of familiarities.
I only saw what I wanted to see,
Now I see what was truly meant to be.
Our differences so unbelievably striking,
It made the adventure even more enticing.
Our sweet encounters speak for themselves,
The look on our faces we dare not share with anyone else.
We tried so many times to get it right,
Wish it was clearer than black and white.
Finally realizing and all along how could any of this be wrong.
Why it took so long I’ll never know,
Didn’t not want it to ever show,
We have finally reached the highest plateau.
There are many things that I am going to miss,
The way you hug, smile and kiss.
I never felt so safe in someone’s arms,
Hard to believe someone could possess so much charm.
Your smile so full and bright,
You had the ability to make my heart beat faster than the speed of light.
The warmth of your touch out me at ease,
I was willing to do anything just as you please.
The beauty of it all you were willing to do the same,
We sat it as our very own little game.
The good times we shared I’ll always remember,
It reminds of the movie Sweet November.
When two people meet,
Her life was short from complete,
And his life and job was about to be obsolete.
She asked him to spend a month with her,
To change his point of view and he ultimately decided on what to do.
She changed him in the most remarkable way,
She ignored her own illness she didn’t convey.
She fulfilled her purpose and what she set out to do,
She said goodbye to him and went on her way,
He fell in love with her and didn’t want it to end,
He no longer wanted to pretend,
When he opened his eyes she had already descended.
He was left with the memories of her and what she truly meant,
He understood what she represents.
His point of view of how life can be changed and rearranged.
So this of you I ask and it’s not a difficult task,
Live your life without the mask.
I loved every part of you,
Even the parts you wouldn’t dare to let me view.
Your good constantly outweighed your bad,
And I will definitely add,
Be glad apart of you resides within me.
I could never hate you,
As much as I want to,
I must bid you my sweetest adieu.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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