If I


If I open myself more to you would you accept me,
Understand my flaws and my capabilities,
Would you shift through my endless emotions and timeless feelings?
Discovering the real me underneath,
I’m there… you just have to find me.
If I shared my world with you,
Would you take enjoyment in the colors you see?
The wind that you feel,
And the rain kissing your face slightly,
Would you want to dwell there?
Full of love and security,
Attention and affection that you long forgotten and felt.
If I gave you something worth holding,
Would you keep it safe and guard with that last breath in your body?
Something so precious that man-kind has difficulty containing it?
Searching endlessly for that one perfect being,
Do realize that you’re the person I have envisioned myself being with,
The simple things that make you smile and laugh,
Makes me feel warm inside.
I take joy in your smile and comfort in your presence,
Forgetting about all my troubles,
The touch of your hand against my face soothes me in so many ways,
You do not even realize it.


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