My Caramel Dream

Seeing, feeling, wanting…
Perfectly pictured an image so clear,
Are you real?
Staring closely at what I see,
Are you really here with me?
A figment of my imagination,
so much speculation,
My eyes begin there dilation,
open and ready to receive.
My mind swimming with anticipation,
I am overwhelmed with hesitation,
Perspiration I am beginning to feel.

Your manly presence is astounding yet so arousing,
my heart begins a feverish pounding.
Skin so smooth and warm,
Like caramel melting in sun.
Richly decadent and sinfully sweet,
I am in for a wonderful treat.
Cannot hide it nor do I want to,
Restraint I must posses,
Is this the ultimate test?

Wandering through my mind,
repeatedly the cycles of time,
Space and essence collide,
My calculations begin this ride.
Measuring, dividing and adding your size and all,
Are you my desire that calls?

True dream of pure fantasy,
throwing me off balance,
I secretly await for your next challenge.
Realizing yet profoundly unsure,
Are you the reason to my love cure?

Buttery brown eyes are glazed,
continuously working my way through this misty haze.
My destination unattained,
trying hard to maintain,
Senses over-powered,
to the minute in every quarter hour.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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