Are You Finished Yet?

I hear you and then again I don’t,
I see you but…
You complain about everything that is wrong,
Like a ridiculous folk song.
Your lips moving a mile a minute,
Do you see my facial expression?
Are we really about to get in it?
You never listen to me or anything that I say,
Do you think that it is really okay?
When I stop speaking and go mute,
I am not in the mood for any type of dispute.
Think about what you did and the damage already done,
I am feeling overwhelmed and you are so dumb.
Are you finished yet?
Is what I really want to know?
Your endless ranting is like a basketball free throw.
Are you done? When are you going to finish?
My time is feeling awfully diminished.
Your getting on my nerves I hope you already know,
I am seriously about to blow?
You cannot see past anything in front,
I am sorry your acting like a real c**t!
Yea I said it and I won’t take it back,
You have fallen off the track,
And your something kind of wack!
You cannot keep your word and disappointment at every turn,
Some things you must learn and I hope you burn.
Are you finished yet?
Just answer the question,
You have made one hell of an impression.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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