Personal Journey


I live my life as I see fit,
I bet some feel like I have really lost it,
Quite frankly I don’t give a sh*t!
People give their opinions so freely without asking,
I am not a computer…don’t give me commands and quit multitasking!
Even though it’s nice to know that some people do care,
And the others well…they just blatantly stare.
Try to figure me out I dare you,
It may pass through but you have absolutely no clue.
I won’t reveal everything in due time I will,
Think you can handle it like a sleeping pill?
Dazed and confused you will soon find out,
My personal journey is not for the faint of heart and I don’t know where to start.
I’m on a different route…oh you have a compass,
When did you turn into a girl scout?
Awe… are you’re just going to stand there and pout?
Intriguing I may seem but ahhh so unique,
I think I ended your winning streak.
Am I making you feeling uncomfortable; you’re looking a little bleak.
I have grown by leaps and bounds,
Taking what life has given me pound for pound,
It always feels like it’s trying to beat me down.
Nothing is ever simple, plain or easy,
I want off this ride… I am feeling queasy!
This personal journey has me stretched out on a damn gurney,
This isn’t right…I need to contact my attorney!
My personal journey is mines alone,
The rest is left to be unknown.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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