Strong Enough

strong enough

Surprised by much and everything as such,
I am very in touch and I know that I am strong enough.
I am stronger than I look,
Don’t set me aside like an appointment book,
Don’t add me to your schedule,
I am more than what you can measure.
I deserve more than what I am getting,
Your actions speak loud is very admitting,
I wish your mouth would do more of the committing.
You try so hard to make a plan,
Please I hope you don’t misunderstand.
I can take what has been given to me,
If given the chance my ways will have you in a trance,
Our very own little song and dance.
Change has been difficult for me,
I won’t sit here and lie,
It has made strong enough to handle with dignity and pride,
This indeed as been one interesting ride.
I make no apologies for the person I am,
I am a different type of breed, a special little lamb.
Stepping aside and giving you room,
Don’t think that I’ll ever assume,
My attitude may flare just a small fume.
Mad I am not…even thought it may seem as so,
I know what is most important and I’ll let you go.
Follow your dreams and keep your eye on your goal,
I know its buried deep within your soul.
Strong enough to handle your true calling,
Please don’t make me start balling.
The tears I cry is not of pain,
I am just going to miss you, it’s really that plain.
I haven’t heard your voice in weeks,
This cannot be normal so to speak.
“Do you ever think about me?” I sit and wonder,
If you did all you have to do is dial my number.
Your brain is elsewhere I can only imagine,
Strong enough to realize in this dramatic fashion,
The time is gone and so is the passion.
How did we end up here and what can be done?
I feel like I am empty like a machine gun.
Restore my feelings and faith in you,
Please try harder and push through,
Strong enough but I won’t deal without…

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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