Starting Over

starting over

I have finally had an epiphany,
It has made my vision a littler clearer and my horizon wider.
Blinded for so long and now I see what was definitely wrong,
No one’s fault by my own,
Even though all info was presently know,
Everything now is currently postponed.
Thought you had my best interest at heart,
Thought you would hold me and never let me part,
But I guess you don’t want a fresh start.
Took our time and all for good measure,
Never thought you would ruin this gifted treasure.
I am hurt to a certain degree,
Thinking about all the things we would never achieve.
Together we had something special or I thought we did,
Everything was packaged and sealed with a lid.
Hard to believe this is happening again,
It almost feels like I got hit by a freight train.
You failed the test that I prayed you would pass,
I can’t say that I hate you but you’re a ……..!
Moreover, sadly I must start over…
A clean, slate, a new beginning and new life I am looking forward to see,
Leaving you behind is what must be.
I thought you could be a part of my future; my final dreams come true,
Alas it won’t be and I am so through.
Third time’s the charm is what I really thought,
I am so distraught and you know the ending plot.
You chose something so close to your heart,
I will not compete with that and it’s your work of art.
I am happy you are aspiring to be great,
It’s hard for me to accept that I’ll have to be in second place.
A part of me did love you,
And I am sure a part of me did get through,
That part must die and it’s the best thing to do.
It aches that I know I must start over,
Left feeling like an unlucky 4-leaf clover.
Not sure if your paths will cross once more,
I do not know what life has in store,
My heart can no longer be ignored,
So I am ending this, this is the only cure.
It craves to start over and needs to be adored,
Loved and restored…
I am not going back to the drawing board!
You already accepted the situation is,
I won’t be the future “Mrs.”
I can’t describe this kind of disappointment,
No cure for this and no special ointment.
I have thrown in the towel,
Thinking “this is so completely foul”,
At the thought of starting over.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013

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