Thought of The Day

Some people think you only have your Job experience ( yes I am referring to Job in the bible!) in one way when it can actually manifest in a number of ways. Yes things are taken from us from time to time but we as humans with the assistance of the Higher Power get back more than we could ever imagine. Right now many people are having the Job experienced of being unemployed, financial situation etc. It’s during these times where you can reflect on the inner man that will help with the outer man. Strength, faith and a God consciousness is all worked on at this given time. We must be reminded that we must have the faith of a mustard sees and continue to push forward. Many obstacles come before us but ultimately it is what we do and act once we are confronted with that struggle. It may not be easy but it is worth it because the results will be: thou become wiser, stronger, more receptive to everything around and understand that you are not alone.

Another thought is that the people we encounter maybe apart of the experience or utilized more in a way as a guide depending on the situation. It is always important to consider every situation as “what am I going learn? ” and ” how can I use this to become a better person?” Even if you look at the situation as being closer to another goal, you are one step more then before. Always realize what you do,say and act greatly affects the future.person you are to become. Always be encouraged  🙂

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