Three Blind Mice…My Version

three blind mice

Everyone knows the Mother Goose story of the three blind mice. If not here it goes:

Three blind mice,

Three blind mice,

See how they run!

See how they run!

They all run after the farmer’s wife,

And she cut off their tails with a carving knife,

Did you ever see such a sight in your life,

As three blind mice?

Simple enough don’t you think? Well, I am really going to make this hit home for some people or maybe you can apply it to situations you have encountered. So for the past 11 months, I have dealt with three very different individuals with different personalities but have one thing in common and as my mother pointed out ” asshole tendencies.” We all have that common trait so I am not leaving myself out of the equation but these three blind mice I am referring to is actually quite funny now that I really look back at the situations. However, the 1st blind mouse confirmed that he can be an asshole and simply changed. He changed on his own with no influence from me. That just means he put on his grown man pants and handled business for himself! I respect the fact that he did that for himself in order to be a better person. However, the 2nd blind mouse doesn’t want to confirm or deny ( my assumption!) of his asshole tendencies. Quite frankly this person should of never even got a 3rd chance because he did not deserve it but I was trying to be a better and forgiving person…my mistake and that won’t happen again. Instead of being truthful he chose to be of the “feathered-kind” and only ” clunked” when I was around. By him not facing up and communicating thoroughly he basically chose his a sense he ran straight into what I call ” his own personal silence”. Interesting aspect of it all, it was him that approached me yet it was me that cut all ties so…touche to me!! Yup…yes I did!! I took that big ass carving knife and severely cut ALL ties!!

Oh here comes the best part….drum roll please….3rd blind mouse!! Where do I begin oh yes…this particular mouse was or is in a very ” selective group”. Now being that type of person I am I figured he would be different based on the deep conversations we had….I WAS SO FREAKIN WRONG! I was reminded  exactly why I do not date in this “selective group.” The sad part was there was so many similarities and we never got a chance to see what the true differences were because… this joker decided to bow out and he will never get another chance. Time spent you can never get that back…how unfortunate! So once again I pulled out that big fat freakin carving knife and literately cut him out! He chose to run before things got interesting…guilty conscious…I will never know because he did not have to run but he chose to…tsk tsk sucks to be him!

As I sit back and think ” now isn’t that a sight?” and I hope I never see it again in my life. The 1st mouse yea I can deal with but those other two forget about it and I don’t want no parts of there bs!  So the moral of the story ladies and gents is this:

1) people have asshole tendencies ( some will admit it and others are in complete denial!)

2) if you can’t communicate with me….your cut!! No 3 strikes and your out…1st time is enough and your really done!

3) Don’t chicken out…just man up!

4) Don’t run especially if there is a good person placed in front of you because if you do 2nd or 3rd chance will never be possible!




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