Yes you…I am talking to you!
Don’t look around….I am only looking at you!
You have worn out you’re welcome,
I don’t want to hear “How come? Why this happened?”
You never fully understood the instructions,
Therefore I am taking some deductions.
So you never thought it would come to this?
Didn’t you feel like something was amiss?
The lack of attention you gave me,
Had no choice but to flee,
You made it like that and it didn’t have to be.
I wanted to stay but couldn’t,
Your self-centered and conceited…kept your attention,
I hate all this tension!
Revoking your privileges,
Take with you all your ridiculous images,
You must go and your character had nothing left to show,
I am not going through this,
You reap what you sow.
Your opinion is not important,
Nothing is being distorted.
Keep running your mouth it won’t do you any good,
You should of thought about it and being you…you always misunderstood.
Here are some boxes you will need them,
Oh you say you don’t them?
Oh you think your coming back?
Man your tripping…your not giving me a heart attack!
Go ahead and smile,
I am glad you think it’s funny,
I an evicting you now pay me all my money!
Thank you for the good memories,
The bad ones you can have.
After this day I will no longer think of you,
You are a distance memory happily gone astray.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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