Here we are….we meet again,
Standing forthright…face to face in this arena.
The crowds applauds such a deafening sound,
Like we are in the circus but you are the clown.
You know why we are here,
That’s right it’s all about to appear,
Your lies, half-truths and heartless feelings,
Don’t act like everything is not going to hit the ceiling.
You knew this was coming a battle of the wits,
Hope you’re ready and I’m not calling it quits.
Safe for you to know,
No daggers will be thrown.
Just a simple meeting of the minds,
I advise you to leave your army behind.
They cannot save you or aid you in anyway,
So you’re best bet is to call to them and make them go astray.
Tell them aloud “their services are not required”,
You have to do this alone and stop being a coward.
In this arena where battles are fought,
No bloodshed or bodies,
Just feelings all thought out.
No armor is needed only the quickness of the tongue,
Mine is sharp and ready.
The crowd will decide the victor and the loser,
You forgot who you are dealing with you small-minded abuser.
No need to look around at all the faces,
You know everyone here,
I have frighten you didn’t I dear?
The familiarity and scent of the arena,
I’m about to slay you like the Greek goddess Athena.
I have leveled the playing field to make a little fair,
Don’t stand there and smile like you even care.
When the trumpet sounds in this arena,
Be ready because I will,
I’m taking you straight where you belong downhill.
I can say I finally had my fill.
I leave you where you lay,
Because this is where you will stay.
The ultimate price you certainly have paid.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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