This painting came to me in my sleep and when I awoke I was highly inspired to paint. It that it would be in black and white. There was a repeating idea of circles and balance. Of course it made sense because a circle is the representation if balance and being that I am Taurus and it deals with balance. I was not sure the size of the canvas but arriving at the art store and when I saw the size 24×30 I knew that was the size I needed. 2 1/2 hours and 2 small brushes later this is the end result. I am very happy with the result. On a positive note: never underestimate your dreams and never overlook the thoughts that you have because since I listened to that “small still voice” and trusted the vision that I was given here is painting that was produced and I thank God used me as a vessel. I am never sure who the painting is for but I hope that the person gains insight and above all peace!  🙂


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