Alone for unseen reasons verses Choosing to be Alone

I think it is difficult for a person to be alone for unseen reasons or choosing to be alone for other reasons. If the person does not enjoy their own company then how are they expected to enjoy others. Yea many will say that there are benefits to being alone like not having to consider another persons thoughts or feelings, decisions are made without seeking another persons opinion and the freedom do just about anything. When a person is not accustomed to being alone harsh reality sets in and shew of feelings and emotions come flying in. That person has to then learn to do a number if things like learning how to quiet their mind and not let it get away from them. It’s like that person has to re-train themselves to do regular everyday things.

What is interesting is when a person chooses to be alone so that they can focus on a number of personal goals and in the  to become a better person. This person who spends time by themselves has the capability to really find out exactly what they want and who they want to be around and this can be applied to friendships and not just intimate relationships. They have the opportunity to really dig deep within themselves and discover things never thought before. This person has learned how to control their mind and their thought process. I strongly believe that the thought process between a person that is alone for unseen reasons and a person who is alone by choice is very different. For one thing the person that is alone for unseen reasons is functioning off of pure emotion whereas the that chooses to be alone it is more logical.

When a person is alone for unseen reasons it’s almost like there is an ongoing battle between the heart and mind; the idea of balance is not yet included into the equation because that person has yet to master the ability of controlling their mind. In a way, they are letting their emotions dictate what they do and think. Whereas a person that chooses to be alone has worked out most of the details in their plan and are proceeding forward. They know that the time will come when they will no longer feel it is necessary to be alone but only when the time presents itself.

On a more personal note, I am that individual that is alone for the unseen reasons but it’s not the first time. I have learned how to quiet my mind when need be and when to let my emotions show. I am not operating on automatic or like that of a assembly line. I know for a fact that my time alone will be short because the opportunity will present itself.

Whatever it is that your going thru encourage yourself so that you may inspire others. We cannot afford to throw anyone away. Be a blessing my friends and fellow bloggers!  🙂


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