Troubled Heart


I wish I knew where your troubled heart has been,
So I can heal it so far within.
Mend it and send it where you know it would be safe,
A place of endless love like Heaven from above.
No realization of hurts of the past,
We know things like that are never meant to last.
Your scared and I see it,
All over your face,
Your far from this ideal place.
I wish I could find the real you,
So I know exactly what you been through.
No more lies and no more sorrow,
I have a heart that you may borrow.
Hide within the walls of my soul,
Learn everything you need to know,
You are in complete control.
I look at your face, straight into your eyes,
They show so much that you desperately try to hide.
Your tried of this mundane life,
Another dimension of this agonizing strife.
You seek answers to your heart’s plea,
But first let’s start with you opening up to me.
Let me in you don’t have to do this alone,
Already know you said it before,
“I can handle this I am grown.”
This load that you carry doesn’t have to be,
You can give all to the One above,
Just that simple and be free.
Oh troubled heart how great is the struggle,
Too much for you to handle and let alone juggle.
Stubborn you are and stop fighting me about this,
You can have want you eternal bliss.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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