Quality verses Quantity: Focus on you and Learn to give to someone else

Everyone has heard the phrase “quality verses quantity” depending on how the conversation goes. I wanted to think of it in a different way and in a way that some wouldn’t think of. In a way it’s like “how much of ourselves do we really know?” Yeah I am playing devil’s advocate because I think it’s imperative that you spend time with yourself and really get to know you. My grandmother has always said that a person goes through changes every seven years and as of right now I am currently in my 4th stage of the seven year change. With that being said my hopes are that anyone that reads this will take the time to really view themselves.

Before you can give anyone the quantity of your presence, thoughts and feelings you must spend some quality time with yourself. Learn and grown from your own ideals and aspirations to the point where you love yourself even more and you are content on being not what you are but who you are. Never let negative dispositions interfere with the progress you are trying to achieve in order to be a better version of you. There is another statement that I believe many hear often “would you date yourself?” Before answering that question do some introspection first and then answer it ok? Do we have a deal? Great moving along! I think one of the greatest challenges in growing the quantity you have is recognizing the characteristics you already possess. So I am not going to try and list it because everyone is different and you should know what you have right? Well I will mention one that is pretty obvious and it is your presence and the type of attitude you have and the image you are projecting. Checking your attitude is a healthy way of being conscious of how you perceive yourself. The very first impression you make speaks volumes of how you approach things.

Sorry I lied… here is another characteristic which is recognizing your worth! Know your value above everything else because no one can validate your worth except you. It’s interesting how people don’t really understand their worth until they are hurt by someone they care about. It’s like that part just goes out the window and then they are depending on the other person. Why is that? I’ll let that simmer for a minute…no go right ahead and think about it…I’ll wait! 

The overall idea is for you to spend time to find the quality and quantity within yourself so you can live life more abundantly and also attract someone on the same wavelength. It is like knowing how to play all the cards in your hand when you are in a relationship with someone and hope they can play their cards as well. Once you have accomplished that then you will be able to give to that person the best parts of you! 

2 thoughts on “Quality verses Quantity: Focus on you and Learn to give to someone else

    • It’s funny how people look at the cards that are dealt to them and they see the easy way out and ready to discard them. They fail to see the challenges in the cards and the reward is being changed for the better.

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