Instantly falling to pieces as the thoughts come to mind, Endless and tireless the manifolds of time.
What I am seeking no man can put together,
Feeling a runover shack of old boot leather.
My outer appearance tough as a nail,
My inner appearance like a lonely old snail.
Can’t seem to understand the loneliness I feel,
I am so ready to break it off and unpeel.
No one understands my fragile dilemma,
No one can hear me in this emotion singing acappella.
Singing my sorrows and my cries,
I can’t stand myself and apart of I wish would die,
Murder my feelings and suffocate my emotions,
It’s all too much I can’t swim in this damn ocean.
Always doing right with every strain of my God given might,
The adversary is out to get me I am sure of it,
No child of God should endure this much pain,
I don’t know what am I suppose to gain?
An emptiness I can’t begin to describe,
It’s like someone shot me and the pain is running through my thigh.
I feel utterly crippled and blinded by everything,
I don’t know who to believe or let alone blame.
If I could fight myself I certainly would,
Funny how the odds would be even,
It would give me something to believe in.
In my fragile state nothing is clear,
Somethings are not what they appear.
I wish I could lay on the sand and let the ocean make me disappear.


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