In the recesses of my mind I have met you before,
Another time, another plane, another dimension of space,
You are all too familiar and it makes me hesitate and my heart race.
You have my senses all over the place,
like a hurricane steady steady coming at a enormous pace.
The feelings that you could caused I am desperately trying to hit a pause.
You see me but then again you don’t,
A glimpse of me is all you get,
You want more but it makes you sick.
To be so close yet so far,
this feeling you’re getting is so subpar.
Missing each other on so many occasions as strange as it may seem,
Things made sure to get in between.
I was not looking for you,
Yet you were not looking for me,
All things happen for reason is I do believe.
You’re not perfect and I am thankful for your flaws, They make you more attractive more than what you really are.
Your ambient soul lightens up from within,
Especially when mine is near,
Making everything so crystal clear.
Finding it hard to believe,
The time wasted so much could have been achieved.
Everything falls into place as it should,
Our souls has been linked as much as they could.
the unexpected be fully accepted,
Taking our time feeling each other out,
Still wondering how did this come about?
An alignment of unique proportions,
Something so beautiful can never have any distortions.
Purely innocent and small in size,
Your ambient soul is the ultimate prize.
Longing to hold onto your soul for as long as I can,
I hope deep down that you truly understand.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013

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