Definition of Perfection

So many ideas come to mind,
Like time and space have finally intertwined.
In this ever present and collision of mine,
Simple words try best to uniquely define.
You’re a singular sensation,
Reeking with a eagerness of anticipation,
Like a journey of your final destination.
You see…mmm so hard to explain,
I want to make it simple and tastefully plain,
So much that I want to drive you insane.
This allegory of your determination,
Creates a buildup of motivation,
Finding myself looking at you so closely in pure adoration.
There is so much to you than what really appears,
One only needs to look and see the traces of tears,
Still existence after all these years.
The hurt no longer remains,
But the experience to still flows through your veins.
Bare your soul and everything you wish to me,
There is so much more I yearn to see.
Yes indeed your heart is in need of healing,
And what I can give you will be more than just appealing…
To your senses, to your mind…
If you let me in and let us be combined.
One entity, one soul of a natural estate of bliss,
Kiss me and I will reveal everything that you truly have missed.
You’re perfection…
The absolute personification of a confection of affection.
Defining you is a hard task alone,
You have completely blinded me, side swiped me…

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013

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