Life Force

You’re the epitome of energy,
Certain things should be when connected and become the “we”,
Blending and becoming complete,
One entity in notorious feet.
Surf the wavelength and see the tides,
Once so confide…please lengthen your stride!
No artificial flavor only a natural mixing,
Be careful how we go about fixing.
So drawn to you and that I cannot hide,
Only you can save me from this deep rip tide.
Protons and neutrons of this physical manner,
Right now you and I only matter.
Draining and sustaining…a pull and take,
You’re like the best storm,
Another idea of a self-made art form.
Gracing the pavement with ease and a slow pace,
Did you come out of your hiding place?
To invade my breathing space.
Your life force is beyond anything I have seen,
Can you define what is really in between?
Oh it’s like a fine cuisine…
Mmmm you make me feel like I am sixteen.
Bottle it up and sell it to the masses,
Your life force is quicker than molasses.
Nothing slow on anything that you do,
You’re coming through strong and anew,
I knew it would be worth it,
Your life force is about to make its debut.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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