My Favorite Mistake

In the channels of my mind where things make sense,
There I keep the memory of you at my own expense.
My favorite mistake you are,
Why you ask? Because you are like a sports car.
Fast moving with jet-like speed,
You only served one purpose and that’s all I need.
You see the lesson I learned from you,
Lead me to my ultimate and healing break through.
Your precious parts you kept hidden from me,
I sit back and wonder why it had to be?
In that way I thought we were closer than that,
But you fooled me and hurt me so bad,
This is something that I never thought I would arrive at.
I thought I knew you to a certain degree,
As foolish as I was you were more concerned about you then me.
Force to see you as you truly are,
Tore me up inside…still can’t believe this is crazy and freaking bizarre.
Over the years you tried to improve,
You became inflexible, indifferent and refused to move.
You will never comprehend the lesson you need to learn,
So let it ride and I hope you feel the tingling burn.
Yet after years of waiting, hoping and yearning,
You have the opportunity to make it right,
Oh I forgot you skipped out on the developmental learning.
All I see is your mind completely turning?
You have become denser than water and quick to disregard my feelings,
We had hit our plateau…look above it’s on the ceiling.
You hid your true feelings from me you selfish prick,
All I ever wanted was to be yours….I am about ready to throw a brick!
You wasted my time, energy and heart,
I was at the point where I knew I was going to fall apart.
You wounded me so deeply and profound,
All I have is the memory of you and the love that you could never be found.
I thank you for the memories both good and bad,
You taught me so much and I am glad.
You taught me what I didn’t want,
I paid close attention like a good woman does,
But you faulted on so many levels,
I am completely ignored and let it fuzz out.
My favorite mistake you will always be,
For you showed me the type of man that I do not need,
And I look forward to what the future holds,
I am letting it start simple…
By being plain old me, young and bold.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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