The feeling that I get it’s so hard to shake,
Like an impending and heavy earthquake.
I have never been scared up to this point,
But your presence near me is like a precious ointment.
Soothing away any and all previous pain,
Cleaning once was there… a very hurtful stain.
You scare me and I won’t lie,
You are close to what I ever wanted and something money could never buy.
Sincere in your thoughts and your actions,
Hard to fight this ever growing attraction.
A place in me no one has ever touched,
Yet I feel like you…
Scratched it…
Ripped it…
…and turned it into dust.
Exposing those nerve endings to this love of light,
With every inch of your manly might.
You make me completely vulnerable and open,
With the things that I never heard spoken.
Your reassurance is overwhelmingly arousing,
You’re a genius is much more astounding,
Everything tingle is like  a serious pounding.
I’ll say it again…
You frighten me beyond any measure,
I know what you seek is simply beyond pleasure,
You are taking pieces of me like I am a worthy treasure,
In my mind I know you would never hurt me,
But my heart needs convincing and it is waiting for your ultimate plea.
You have me at a standstill,
On the edge of taking that little jagged pill.
So sensitive I am when it comes to you,
I know you make sure that I will see this through,
You made my days disappear from the awful shade of lonely blue.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013

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