I give up…I cave in,
Too much to fight from within.
A constant battle of epic proportions,
Like a deep sea diving in this vast ocean.
Searching for things unseen,
From far and few that which is in-between.
My mind soars like a thousand lion roars.
Trying to eliminate but so much I yearn and anticipate.
Rushing up on me like large swarm of bats,
Have I lost my mind and forgotten how to act?
I feel too much and this as such,
A hard way to explain it,
Like sand falling…little pieces of dust.
This concept of a burning notion,
I am scratching all over and need of some healing lotion.
I can’t surrender…
I won’t I will persist,
I am lost in this eternal blinding mist.
Fighting my way through to the end,
There is something I desperately want to mend.
Surrender to you I highly doubt that,
Give me some evidence I want straight answers and I need all the facts.
It would be good for me you say?
But if I follow please don’t lead me astray.
I trust you whole-heartedly,
I am taking on your words very sparingly.
I care for you all too well,
Please don’t make me regret anything I tell,
Did you put me under a spell?
I have fallen for you hard,
And nothing about this is sub par.
The need to surrender is becoming great indeed,
I see you all wrapped up in me.
I surrender to you… mind, body and soul,
You having me and me having you were your ultimate goal.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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