When it hurts

I can not help but dwell on the pain, that seems to never cease. 
Swirling in my mind by leaps and bounds. 
Limitless is this excruciating remembrance.
The thought of how it ended, beginning so faded, completely jaded and heavily sedated. 
Difficulty in direction of a obstacle, makes it all seem so possible.
Knocking hard… 
Continuously louder… 
Can anyone feel the pain? 
When it hurts so unbelievable, yet conceivable. 
Leaving the mind in turmoil, all hopes are utterly spoiled.
Calmness non-existent, trying to stay optimistic.Countless and numberless the list goes on. 
Elimination of this pain must go. 
No one should love to feel this way nor die without feeling at all. 
Certainty of the uncertain grows, how much longer? 
Never thinking this could hurt, knowing the reason behind it all. 
Lessons that must be learned with discernment, having some type of other worldly encouragement. 
Indescribable pain, lingering and surrounding places leaving no room for space. 
Evolving entity of self-realization. 

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2009


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