This feeling that I have is damn near sickening,
As the minutes go by…ever more quickening.
Shaking it off is impossible right now,
I guess I need to let run its course,
And survive somehow.
This heart aching void,
Nothing I have ever experienced before.
A certain unspoken sadness,
Not knowing how long it will truly last.
Staying hopeful is the only cure,
Which leads me to truly adore,
The single entity that is meant for me,
To rid me of this void and let what will be.
Missing you is an understatement,
The feeling is so much deeper,
More than just mere entertainment.
My soul yearns for you,
How can you possible ignore what you put it through?
No negative vibes or hastily sighs,
It shows that touched my most sacred prize.
I know you feel it as much as I do,
The separation is not needed but may cause a break through.
A realization of what we need,
To be together and let nothing come in between.
This void…
A space…an empty lonely place.
I reside here until you come to me my dear.
You are my ying to my yang,
A force to be reckon with,
We both have been through enough sh*t.
Rid me of this void once and for all,
Let me love you is my only true call,
And let us be as one together for the long haul.
I am happy when I am with you,
You make forget the hurt and pain I have been through.
Hold me tight and never let me go,
I am here for you how much more do I need to show?
My ultimate please and my silent cry,
I have waited so long and was ready to die.
Waiting for you to make your presence known,
When you finally did my heart skipped a beat and became fully grown.
It knows you came to fill the void,
I feel complete, loved and so overjoyed.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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