Soul Touching

soul touching

Longing for things unseen,
Unrealized and so much more extreme.
A place no one has ever been,
A safe haven, a cloud nine…
Where two worlds meet and harmoniously collide.
Where you and I only exist,
To breathe…
To laugh…
To share this ultimate and passionate kiss.
A kiss of freedom…
A kiss of hope…
A kiss of love…
Something so beautiful like heaven above.
A desire so completely rare,
Very few are open and willingly to bare,
Their soul and mind,
It must be equally divine.
For you and I to share,
So unique and surely nothing can compare.
Everything is light and free…
We both know to a certain degree,
That maybe this was meant to be.
The wanting we feel gets the best of us,
At every angle…turn…corner truly this was definitely a must.
We see it for what it is,
This exceptional and gifted embrace,
We are running this race at a step by step, even pace.
To understand and to fulfill,
Everything you and so much more than just a thrill.
Capture your essence,
And deliver to you my beautiful message,
“My soul reaches out to you”
What more do you need to do?
Return the favor with more love and emotion,
Our souls will swim together in this vast ocean.
Soul touching of epic proportions,
We are complete without the worldly commotions.
We have healed ourselves in more ways than one,
Open your eyes and see what has been done,
Blissful soul touching something that we both have already won.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


2 thoughts on “Soul Touching

    • Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate from the bottom of my heart and Im glad you were moved by both poems! Take care my friend 🙂

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