Fire Within


This burning sensation I have never felt before,
It’s deep inside to my very core.
Confused in its awakening,
Not sure exactly what is in the making?
I feel it spread throughout my chest,
This unsettling feeling of chaotic unrest.
A small light…a kindled flame,
Puts everything I ever knew to absolute shame.
Trying to understand in its physical form,
So much more than a mediocre storm.
It rages slowly but of great strength,
To the full capacity of my body length.
It surges from the very bottom of my feet,
Running through my shins and calves like white heat.
The pain is too much I must retreat,
To quit…To cave…To give in is not an option,
This journey must continue I must accept this unwanted adoption.
My thighs burn with such fury,
I can’t believe this is happening,
Where is the jury?
I demand a second opinion…another test,
A formidable force…an eternal mess.
The fire within continues on its path,
To destruction or absolution,
In the very end its ultimate conclusion.
To consume and expose,
Like opening a promising closed door.
To discover, to redefine, to redirect,
The lesson is here is introspect.
The fire destroys what was to make room for what will be,
Let the fire happen very naturally.
My heart reacts quickly to the onslaught of a fiery victory,
Parts burn to asunder,
Like lighting crackling among the rolling thunder.
To create a new,
…Yes this is also very true!
A clean heart is born,
No more need to mourn over what was then scorn.
The fire within has finally reached its true destination,
The level of mental capacity,
To change and effect the mind’s galaxy.
The fire fully explore the turns and loops,
The mind is more than just some little groups.
Reshaped and re-sized the mind becomes,
To hold more when the time comes.
A spiritual phoenix designed by the fire,
To reach another level set by and created by God’s empire.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013

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