Lose Yourself


I see you as you see me,
Plain and simple as it should be.
You let your guard down and I did the same,
To address what we have in mind,
That which will be our own little game.
I sensed you without you truly knowing,
You caught me looking and fully glowing.
I smiled and you smiled back,
I think you may have given me my first heart attack.
I can’t help but wonder and be so obvious,
Like licking a ice cream off a cone,
So truly and definitely delicious.
Behave myself I always try my best,
I want you to lose yourself,
In all the things you want  that exceeds the rest.
No limitations…
No hesitations…
Only that which fuels your pure adoration.
Satisfy your thirst,
Completely and unadulterated powerful lust.
I feel every emotion you give like a strong wind gust.
Lose yourself in what you are seeking to achieve,
Trust me and I’ll make you believe,
Everything you want is complied within me.
Lose yourself in me as I have lost myself in you,
There is only one thing left for us to do.
Despite everything we have been through,
Let our love flow freely from me to you,
In only the way true lovers do.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2013


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