Drawing of a maskMask

Look beyond what you truly see and feel,
All you know and seen is unbearably real,
To exquisitely arouse your ever growing appeal.
Not wanting to alarm you or stun you into exhilaration,
I am doing this merely to give you some serious mental stimulation.
I see you for what you are…the you behind the mask,
All I even want is for you to complete this one simple task,
And do everything I eagerly ask.
Let me peel off the mask that you wear,
Show me all the scars you thought you would never share,
And I’ll show you mine so you won’t worry or compare.
Let me experience your pain, your heartache and your space,
I promise I’ll do everything to replace.
Every fear and doubt that has ever came about,
In your world to show you the true meaning of love and it’s impressive layout.
To see the landscape and hills of possibilities,
Feel free to express all your visually stunning capabilities.
Free from judgments and predispositions,
My only wish for you to explore and discover your heart’s definition.
Provide you the space you require,
Don’t ever think what is going on is ever going to retire.
A portion of the mask is slowly going away,
I am seeing a part of you I have never seen portrayed.
The change in the flesh and the redness of your cheeks,
Apart of you is ever so unique,
I understand your method is all about technique.
As I divulge in the essence of you,
I am greeted with emotions of what the mask was hiding… thee ultimate debut.
It pains me to see everything that you been through,
If I could erase what I have seen and make you anew…
I certainly would so you wouldn’t become a heartless and coldness of a  marble statue,
Patience with you and for you is my virtue.
I know we have much further to go,
And even more if you are willing to show,
As long as the mask is gone then we have something to look forward to coming of tomorrow.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014


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