Steel heart

Once so full of life and great expectations,
Slowly turning from mush to the number of pure devastation’s.
A heart that once was able beat so ferociously and vibrant,
Has slowed down completely and almost on silent.
What happened to it?
So unsure…the only reason could be it decided to split.
Sadness so heavy no one could explain,
Maybe it got tired because of the lack thereof…the utterly unrest and disdain.
It once believed love was a possible force,
That set things in motion and right on course.
It once felt that any positive feeling held the ultimate meaning,
It slowly realized sadly it was only dreaming.
At the pivotal moment it thought the dream was coming true,
But it realized it never had a chance or even had a damn clue.
The aftermath of such sorrow still inside,
Suddenly it has made a decision…and cried!
It was striving so hard not to be set aside,
But someone or something simply couldn’t abide.
A hard shell of epic creations has formed,
Stronger than any man-made metal that has ever been transformed.
The liveliness that once resided inside is almost gone,
Love no longer knocks on…
The door because it has closed for good,
It got fed up with giving and being so misunderstood.
It has tried so hard to let the worthy in,
Too many folks coming…these damn “has been.”
The knight in shining armor doesn’t exist,
Too many pretenders hiding in the mist…
Of possibilities yet unseen,
They are filthy and so exceptionally unclean.
The hard shell forming getting by the minute,
Waiting for the process to finally finish.
No more hurt, no more unnecessary pain,
Once it is done…no one will ever be able to get in again.
Oh heart you are now made of steel,
No one is safe to remove and reclaim what was truly real,
The steel consumes the heart to conceal,
Its true emotional and heavy appeal.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014


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