False Senses

Can’t describe exactly what I am sensing,
Not sure if its bullsh*t or jargon’s in complete misspelling.
Definition of things that you say you understand,
Ignorant of their meaning I simply cannot stand.
Which one is it my dear?
Because you are coming off so unclear,
What is it that you are trying to bring or seeking to staple it to my rear?
Not sure if it’s the truth or the passing of a lie,
Do you really think the words coming out can lie on the shore of your mouth and be your alibi?
The false senses of your pretentious character are now in full bloom,
I dare you to try and cover it with a patch and a quick loom.
You know you are writing a letter that speaks of your doom,
Do you know exactly what you are going to do?
I once believed every word that you spoke,
Now I think about it I hope you simply roll over and choke…
Oh all the false senses that you tried to pass,
So nonchalant and lacking every sense of class,
You need a triple bypass…
To put life back in that less of a heart…
Just maybe you have another chance a fresh start,
Oh on the other hand…can you just fall apart.
End the misery and save another from your manipulative ways,
Mmm you don’t even seem fazed.
You should feel ashamed and consider taking all the blame,
How could you be so ridiculously lame?
Can’t believe you don’t realize the damage caused,
You should be appalled…
By how you really are!
Your touch is so fake,
You think with it you could cause a little earthquake…
Inside… you are a sad mistake.
It takes more than what you are shaking!
Don’t breathe…
Don’t look…
Don’t even speak…
Your false senses leave no area for you to be meek.
I see your future and it’s bleak.
Seriously think about what you have done,
So you don’t end up alone and undone.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014


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