Living your worth when others fail to recognize the blessing you are!

It’s one thing to know your worth completely and its another thing to live it and breath it into existence. It is natural human response to show and tell people your worth. It is something we all do knowingly and unknowingly…face it; it is what it is! Where some fully embrace not what you are but who you truly are in the inside. I find it rare that people say and do exactly what the mean and show because they may have an issue with being honest with themselves or can’t believe how being truly honest is necessary. To be truly comfortable in your own skin you accept the good and the bad about yourself ; knowing what you are capable of doing and seeing how you affect those around you and simply understanding that living your worth is crucial in developing you into who you are truly meant to be.

I know that I am a living example of living my worth because I embrace and accept everything that I am. I have encountered others that have difficulty  grasping the thought ” I have nothing to hide and everything to gain.” In my journey to embracing my worth and living it, I have experienced deep and painful heartaches, lost, bouts with depression, self-doubt and a number of other things. I do not hide the fact that I have very few regrets and I have hurt people unknowingly and I always apologize and found ways to make things right. It takes an extreme amount of courage to own up to the stuff you have done and grown from that! I have loved individuals deeply ad it was never reciprocated, I have cared too much, given too much and not once asked for anything in return. It is in my nature to help those in need and those that are striving to be better. Living my worth has certainty had its price and I have been paying dearly for it ( both good and bad!) Some fail to truly understand or let alone take the time to comprehend the ” cloth of divinity” that me and others come from.

I have always accepted individuals the way they are in hopes of them getting better. In that process of helping I have been the forgotten friend, left-out, stranded, taken for granted, misunderstood and the loner. Now the loner I am Ok with being because I am able to avoid unnecessary drama in my life and it gives me a certain level of peace. Living my worth has taught me to keep my circle small and only few are ever let in. One of the things that I have tried to avoid is being hurt to the point that I am not able to recover from completely. The kind of hurt that would force a good person to avoid letting anyone get close in other words having a closed heart. I have experienced having a closed heart because I felt there was no one worthy to claim it. sad but true but protecting myself is #1 priority and a natural reaction to avoid harm and that goes for harm on all levels. I am not perfect, I am flawed like you wouldn’t believe and I love and accept myself.  I am honest and real with myself at all times and it would be something if I met someone that is living their worth and can love me in my current state. 🙂


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