The Longing

Dream filled nights and the endless days,
Have turned me to feel a certain kind of way.
Things I long for unseen and untouched,
To fill this void is more than just a must.
I sense things I haven’t known before,
Only leaves me feeling and wanting even more.
Of pure divinity, a secret blessing,
Covered my skin and kissed so much more caressing.
A hint of a smile appears on my face,
Thinking of times in our own special place.
Intimate laughs of pure adoration for each other,
So more than sister or brother,
The feeling I get never fully at rest,
Thinking of you is something I love the best.
A steady battle so much more than a contest.
My thoughts in constant replay,
Simply just won’t go away and just lay…
There…where I need them to be,
To keep count of everything I know was a guarantee.
The longing I feel for you cannot be matched,
This is all new and I never want to detach,
From you and your oddly world of eccentricity,
You run through me over and over again, a rare form of pure electricity.
You have jolted every per-conceived notion I have ever thought,
I never knew that I could be bought.
Bought with your tender ways and sweet gestures,
You laid it pretty thick I could never measure.
Patiently waiting for my number to be called,
When I reach the front would you smile and applaud?
A more than worthy prize…
Not an angel in disguise.
The longing that has built up has taken its time,
To see how quickly everything can be mine.
But please be ever so gentle and kind,
For my heart has been heart and now is confined.
Locked away to be healed,
Waiting until the day to be free,
With the one truly meant to be.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014


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