I am dying a slow death each day,
The pain fills me to the brim,
Can’t make this feeling go away,
It’s desperately trying to stay.
I crumble piece by piece,
Moment by painful moment,
Just craving for one ounce of peace.
Racking my brain of the memories past,
Undeniably consumed and feeling like an a**.
Irritable plain of disbelief,
Makes me feel undone and so incomplete,
Life is constantly smoking me like an Indian chief.
No way to stop it without a doubt,
Shameful pleasure in this agony within,
I’ll never understand but I have to start again.
My soul braces for this perils of a journey,
Endless and effortless campaign,
Can it all be just simply plain?
In the end this human body stretched out on a gurney.
Blood of tears leave a horrible stain,
This a terrible crime…where is the attorney?
This agony must be contained,
Its wreaking havoc and I give it all the blame,
Ingrate, a defeat of mortal explanations,
I can’t believe this happen what a f****** shame!
Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014

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