You cannot grow emotionally, spiritually, physcially, and socially by continuously having weeds come around you that latch on to draw your life force. You may do a temporary fix to try to get rid of the weed but you must uproot that negative anomaly immediately. You cannot grow using old ways period. Everything must change in order for a better you to come into fruition. Surround yourself with positive minded people that show and tell it in their daily life. When you deal with a very positive individual everything occurs naturally due to the peace that individual. There is no misconception, no other motive, no secrets…just the plain ole truth every single day. That individual only wants you to have the same level of peace, happiness and complete understanding of how life is truly meant to be. Another definition for it is unconditional love in a higher form. You can’t keep running and expect to grow naturally. Stop running embrace the growth and the special individuals placed in your life and come to your own conclusion that some individuals are not meant to grow at your speed no matter how much you or anybody tries to influence them. You will be blessed for doing your part.You will grow according to God’s speed. If you ignore, mistreat, hurt the person God has put in your path…well you already know what it is (figure it out for yourself!)  Grow into the individual God has intended you to be. Embrace those that love you inside and out regardless of how screwed up you might be…no one is perfect and love them back with everything you have inside you! Stop running, stay green and grow! Stop the bullshit, the cloak and dagger, smoke and mirrors and just love!


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