Alter go mask

Silhouette of dis-figuration of such pains of the past,
Have become molded in a singular sensation of low-grade trash,
Qualities yet to be discovered and some have already turned to ash,
Still searching for the hope that will change everything in one large splash.
Your alter ego has been brewing since your day of birth,
Deciding exactly how much what you will be worth.
Waiting in the background for pure recognition,
It’s ready to drive and ease the key into the ignition.
To set a course, a different path, a road less traveled,
To keep you from your true destiny and simply leaving you completely baffled.
Second guessing and unsure of the next steps to take,
Leave it up to your alter ego to decide your fate.
The wind has changed and rightfully so two ciphers meet and try to grow,
Praying this doesn’t turn into another puppet show.
Coming  in your current state,
To help you figure the ultimate mess you can make,
Thoughts and feelings all over the place.
Looking for paradise, you once lost,
Your life has seemed to hit a hard pause,
And at such a great cost.
Contemplating your means of escape,
You have been beaten and you are like a wounded ape.
Seeking your freedom from the animal you are chained to,
Leaving you with more questions of “what shall I do?”
Dug yourself into an unmarked grave,
Unseemly a way that you paved.
You have become so filthy in your endless pursuit,
Some things you need to look at and simply uproot.
Your alter ego has come forth to show its face,
Its desperately wants to remove the single trace,
And just start a new race.
New identity of unforeseen attitudes,
Leaping towards new aptitudes.
I know this face I have seen it before,
I know exactly what it has in store.
Neither frighten or scared,
All familiar and everything so bare,
How can you try and compare?
The help that is there is simple and true,
Why not accept it, breaking my heart and turning a shade of lonely blue,
I guess you really do not have a clue.
Leaving you in the static state of unyielding complications,
I pray you figure this out before the foundation experiences a number of devastation s.
I implore you to consider what is at stake,
For the things that are happening is going to be one large mistake.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014


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