Journey to the state of Unconditional Love Part 1

unconditional-love1I figured it was about time that I ” let loose” on a couple of things I have been thinking over the past few months. I am thankful that I have those that are extremely close to me that I can speak to on a regular basis and do not judge me despite the type of thoughts I have had. On this spiritual journey that I am on I have come to realize several things about myself that I either love or I utterly hate. Those things on both sides need some change and with that change comes a better understanding of myself. We have all experienced that unconditional love that we get from our parents and I think that is always the first step into obtaining unconditional love from another person. It gives me a better idea of that type of unconditional love that I desire more than anything. Call me crazy if you want to but that higher level of love is something I have been seeking and I will not settle for less. I tihnk the different emotional states a person goes through ultimately leads them to accept things in a very unconditional way. Anger, bitterness, hurt, pain, disappointment, betrayal etc leads to the point where you have been through all those things and have survived and that you learned a valuable lesson. I am coming to the realization that there is no room for ego, anger, hate, or pain in my heart and that only unconditional love can reside there.  I have learned the ability to forgive those that have wronged me in some shape or form because on some type of level I love them unconditionally. I am not saying I will continue to allow someone to hurt me and then keep forgiving them and then let them hurt me again…no no! I will love someone regardless but I will not be stupid about it. This is where logic and the heart can work simultaneously to create a level of happiness and peace within.

When it comes to the development and the ever expansion of unconditional love silence, separation and introspection are very important to me because you are having an open dialogue within yourself where nothing can be hidden. You must love yourself unconditionally first in order to have an “inkling” of what unconditional love can be like with another person. I have accepted the fact that there are certain “apologies” I will never get, people will show and tell love in their own unique way and the only thing that I can do is love because that is what I am built to do. All is forgiven on every level humanly possible and I just love whole-kindheartedly.  To know peace is to discover love and discover love you find peace. 🙂


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