Estranged Soul

Somewhere strange and mystical is where you lie,
Trying to figure out what the hell is happening inside.
Contemplating your next move with assurance and ease,
Somethings you thought you could do as much as you pleased.
A consequence much greater than you anticipated,
Has left you bewildered and your emotions constipated.
Tried to force it out with precision,
Leaving your soul to make the toughest decision,
A choice of divine perfection.
Not for the faint of heart,
And so much more than a beautiful piece of visionary art.
Enough time has certainly passed,
Its time to re-connect and let your estrange soul rest at home…at last.
We have fought a good fight,
Something that took a lot of our might.
Now in the present moment before the day turns into night,
A solution presents itself and something so right.
Afraid in your physical form,
You look like a perfect storm.
Your soul searching for the familiarity to rest in,
Ultimately needs its equal for it to blend.
Sacred soul so estranged from everything else it knows,
It endless takes…blow..after…continuously blow.
Estrange soul it has become,
Ridiculously incomplete and coming undone.
…only ever wanting to become ONE.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014


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