Gone Baby

As time has to continue to go on,
I’ll always remember you until the end of dawn.
Your existence in my life was cut short,
I would have given you all the love and support,
The best parts of me no one has ever seen,
Areas of me so fresh and clean.
You will always be a part of me my little one,
Nothing could ever replace the ultimate love you so easily won.
I’ll always wonder what it would have been like to watch you grow,
See you spring forth and see your smiling glow.
Caress your small hand in mine,
Your touch alone would have redefined…
My life in so many ways,
The happiness endured would have created a craze,
Joy, hope, and all human emotion unimaginable,
Who would have thought something so small and fragile?
Would be unbelievable appealing…such a small little apple…
Of my eye I felt like I won a prize.
Sad to know I’ll never get to see your face,
Only in my dreams I can see you all over the place.
I hold and cradle you in my arms,
My precious little charm.
A special place in my heart you will forever remain,
Until I am able to see you once again.
Your gone baby and I’ll miss you so,
Your spirit is around me and always greets with a small “hello”.
Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014


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