Bowing my head in a loving surrender,
Held together completely with a feeling so sweet and tender.
White walls so soft and flush,
Just thinking about being here in this way I begin to blush.
To have you in here with me my love,
No one to see us only the camera from above.
Displaying our love for the world to see,
How lucky of this we came to be.
A small window of brisk light comes thru,
Reflects off the glass of the door across the room.
Loving the matching clothing we share,
They were smart and should how much they truly care.
We are so relaxed where we sit,
I am loving every minute of it!
Excitement and wonder fills me to the brim,
I wonder why they would leave us alone?
…awfully peculiar and grim.
I bask in the glow of our ultimate need of one another s affection,
This deliciously a true confection…
Ooohhhh the pure satisfaction.
No one can understand the depth of our love,
Hold me tighter as I do the same to you,
I’ll never leave you so out of the blue.
You are the clue to my unsolved mystery,
It’s so clear to see…we fit so perfectly and sacredly.
You whole-heartedly do not care of the mess that I am,
For your flaws match my own,
We complete each other…hand in hand.
I sit silently has I hear the door slightly open…
Sound of locks clicking and clacking…
Scratching of the metal bar…strong and never lacking.
Approached carefully by male figures covered in white,
They have certainty come to end my blight.
As they reach and take you away,
Your loving arms fall and endless sway.
How dare they come and make me feel this way?
Lost and confused at the devastated that is happening,
I scream from deep within.
A hurt and searing pain that will have no end…
As I watch them take my love…my straight jacket love.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014


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