Come Home

This poem was written over 6 months ago and I never got around to sharing it. It really tells exactly where my mind was. Enjoy 🙂

Sitting back listening and taking everything in,
Trying to sort out how it all simply began.
A nameless face, an unfamiliar scent,
Creped through my front door without my consent.
I knew it then and ever more now,
You are meant to come home without a shadow of a doubt…somehow.
Your spirit and presence is eagerly missed,
Tried so hard but couldn’t dismiss,
Or resist the smell that you left so gently like the very first kiss.
Nothing could ever replace the memories that blossomed and grew into full bloom,
When you left everything turned so gloom.
Your soul knows where home truly is.
An undeniable feeling felt deep down,
Come home and retrieve your crown.
Time and distance have healed and spared some expenses,
What was needed and required was some uncanny common sense.
To stir, to awake, to make publicly known,
Our journey was to be separated so we could simply grow.
Back together…a sacred world unknown,
Admission of your souls would allow us to go.
And leave the spaces that you roam,
…please just come home.

Copyright © Seleta Harvey 2014

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